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Which One To Choose?

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Frequently Ask Questions


  • Which one is the best matchmaking or dating site?

  • The best dating site is whichever you feel most comfortable at and which works for you, that fits to your personal profile. We have reviews of many dating sites which will help with your choice. Most dating sites allow you to create a profile for free so it is worth picking a few sites and adding your profile. Have a look around the site, do a few searches and then when you think you’ve found the one that suits you the best , you’re ready to get premium membership and start contacting people.

  • Is it worth the time and money spent on dating sites?

    Online dating sites provide a great way to meet people you may never meet in the normal course of your life. It is extremely easy to get started and you can be much more thorough in your search for a partner as you can search through thousands of profiles to find the one you want. While you still need to put effort in to get to know people it doesn’t have the fear factor of going up to someone in a bar or club. You can get to know them quite well online before meeting and your first date will have a head start as you’ll already know plenty about each other.

  • Do they work?

  • Yes. Millions of people use dating sites nowadays as a way to meet new people and maybe find their perfect match. You only have to look at the success stories, most have on their websites to see that it can and does work. However don’t think that by sticking up a profile on one you’re guaranteed to meet someone, it still takes a little work to make a good profile and contact people.

  • Who are dating sites designed for?

    They are designed for everyone and anyone, as long as you can use a computer and the internet. While the big sites cater for everyone there are also lots of sites that concentrate on particular niches like ‘Latino dating’ or ‘Senior Dating’.

  • How safe are dating sites?

  • Where online dating can become less safe is when you actually meet someone in real life as there is always a risk. When it comes to meeting someone you should use common sense, always meet in a public place and make sure that a friend or relative knows where you’re going to be. All sites have full guides to safely meeting your match off-line and they are worth reading and remembering. Online dating sites are safe to use as they protect your details so they remain confidential. You can only contact other members through their messaging systems so your personal contact details will never be revealed unless you give them out yourself. You have control over who you contact and talk to on the sites.

  • Paid  dating sites or FREE dating sites?

    Almost all online dating sites allow you to put up a profile for free, however you usually can’t contact other members and have limited use of many of the functions unless you pay to join. There are some free dating sites available which allows you to contact other members with no charge. The free sites however, tend to have fewer members and the messaging, search and profile information is generally very basic. Since the sites are free there is also a much higher chance of fake profiles and possible scams. Paying a membership fee means someone on a paid site is possibly more serious about it.

  • What‘s the cost of a dating site membership?

  • There are a few sites that are completely free, but the better sites with more tools and ways to communicate usually charge a membership fee. The amount they charge varies by site but is usually somewhere from $15 to $60 a month. Paying for one month at a time is the costliest method, most sites offer discounted prices if you join for 3 months, 6 months or even a year and by subscribing for longer you can often save over 50% of the monthly charge.

  • Which Dating sites are best for someone seeking a serious relationship?

    Sites with a good reputation: Lavalife.com , or PerfectMatch.com, Match.com and many others. For those looking for a serious relationship, check our full reviews on general dating sites.

  • Which ones are best for a casual relationship?

    If you’re just looking for a casual relationship, a fling or one night stand then the adult sites section will help you , and as a suggestion the AdultFriendFinder.com, Anastasia.com and Ashley Madison are definitely worth a try.

  • How do I write my profile?

  • The profile is your chance to sell yourself to thousands of potential dates, which can be overwhelming. Your profile should be light hearted and put over something about who you are and the things you like to do. Keep your profile reasonably short and to the point, as in don’t ramble on and on, you want to sell yourself not send them to sleep. If you get stuck ask your friends how they would describe you to a potential date or have a look around at other profiles and take some tips from the ones you like

  • Should I include a photo?

  • By including a photo on your profile you’re over 6 times more likely to be viewed and much more likely to be contacted or replied to. Think about when you search, do you tend to click on the people with photos or without? Many sites now let you add several photos and you can use these to show something about you. If you’ve pictures of you travelling in different countries or interesting places, taking part in some kind of sport or just an amusing photo of you, the chances are that they will create much more interest than regular “passport photos”.

  • Can I join more than one site?

  • Yes, definitely, you can join as many as you like! In fact, we recommend joining a few and putting up a free profile, then choose the one you like best to become a full member latter. Pick some of them and start right now, perhaps your other half is waiting for you to show up!

  • How long does it take to meet someone in person?

  • You need to decide with the person you’re talking to. When it feels right to ask them to meet in real life, then ask them. Don’t rush in too quickly though, and ask to meet in the first message you send! Get to know them a bit first, talk to them on instant messenger or by phone if you can and when you feel it’s time then arrange a date. Remember to meet somewhere public and follow the common sense safety tips that most sites have for meeting up for the first time.


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